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Patricia Belodoff, BFA, RYT200 is an artist, art educator and Yoga teacher residing in Cazenovia, NY and Austin ,TX. A painter, who works predominately in watercolor, acrylic and collage. Her paintings in private collections and corporate installations, reflect a love of color and light.

While studying at Syracuse University, Belodoff completed dual degrees in Fine Arts and Education. As a NYS certified Art teacher, teaching in elementary, middle and high schools, she has instilled a love of Art and creative expression in students for 30 years. Focusing on authenticity in the creative process is always her goal, she encourages students to draw from their personal reality, emotions and perception.

Yoga has been Belodoff's passion for two decades. An experienced Yoga teacher, trained in the US and Canada, she delights in sharing the peace and serenity as well as the benefits of Yoga's mind body connection. Her Yoga classes are taught in the Vinyasa style, flowing from one pose to another to increase energy, strength and balance. The movement often feels like dance with music being integral to the experience.

The fusion of Yoga and Art is Belodoff's newest endeavor and ultimate goal. She has developed an exciting approach to stimulating the creativity, combining Yoga practice and guided visualization. Patricia Belodoff is experienced in teaching individuality and creative expression as well as composition and technique. Her Yoga and Art Workshops are designed to stimulate energy flow and creativity, resulting in artwork that is true self expression.



Corporate Wellness


Private Instruction

Yoga & Art Classes

Private, Semi Private (3 or more students) and Corporate (on location)
A class fusing Pilates and Yoga to stretch and strengthen as well as foster mind/body connection. Moving through Yoga poses and Pilates exercises you will work on balance, toning muscles and increasing flexibility. Benefits from this class are reduced stress, increased stability, muscle suppleness, increased joint mobility and improved posture.
A class combining breath and movement , flowing from one pose to the next. A style of Yoga focusing on a mind and body connection that provides both physical and mental health benefits. The class will increase strength, balance and flexibility using music to enhance the experience . The Pranayama or focus on breath increases lung capacity while developing inner awareness. All fitness level are encouraged with modifications are provided when needed.
A three hour Yoga and Painting workshop focusing on your creativity and self expression. This guided Yoga practice will stimulate your energy flow and direct you to your creative center. You will discover the path to drawing and painting on the right side of the brain using visualization and meditation.

Pricing for Classes and Workshops

YOGA ARTWORKS (3 hour workshop)
$75.00 per Student, all materials included
Private Session $75. * (1 hour 15 min.)

Semi Private Session * (1 hour class) $100.
Up to 4 participants

Corporate Class Session TBD

Yoga at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Wed. 5-6 PM
$12 drop in, $50 for 5 classes

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/999972443386085/)

* Dependent on travel to location

Success stories

  • "Patricia is not only an excellent instructor, she completely transforms any space she enters. We were so pleased to have her at the Art Park, she breathed new life into our historic Hilltop House, filling it once again with positive, creative energy."

    Emily Zaengle

    Executive Director, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

  • "Pat's Yoga'lates class is terrific. She is an attentive and encouraging teacher. Under her gentle guidance, my strength, balance, flexibility, and awareness have strengthened. Despite low back issues, I feel healthier and happier than ever"

    Barbara Clarke

    Yoga Student

  • "I knew Yoga would be good for me...little did I know. A friend of mine was taking a class and I talked her into taking me with her.

    That was over a year ago, I was hooked. Pat made me feel comfortable that first day I walked in.

    I can say that I haven't felt this good in a long time.
    I have been sleeping better, am stronger and more focused."

    Ellen Fox

    Yoga Student

  • "It's wonderful to connect with others in the serenity that comes from Yoga Artworks, a vacation in three hours."

    Carolyn Sterrit

    Art & Yoga Workshop Participant

  • "My wife finally talked me into trying yoga with her over six months ago. It felt a little awkward at first but Pat offers encouragement and brings so much energy to each class that, to me, each class is the best one ever! As her students progress in strength and flexibility, Pat shares her excitement; such a wonderful environment to be part of.

    The benefits of yoga practice have enhanced my life as a chronic back pain sufferer who dealt with pain every day. The breathing techniques we practice in each class are incredibly affective at reducing stress at the end of the day and on demand when stressful situations arise."

    John Fox

    Yoga Student

  • "Thanks Pat! It was a wonderful experience. You are a great teacher, both of yoga and art. Your advice for the fall painting was very helpful. Love your enthusiasm! Please let me know of any upcoming workshops you do"

    Linda Lemay

    Art & Yoga Workshop Participant

  • "As an HR Manager, I believe in the health and wellness of our employees; healthy employees are productive employees.  Yoga has given our employees the opportunity to focus on their mind and body through balancing, stretching, breathing and concentration which flows into their daily work schedule. For me, it's the best I've felt in months!"

    Linda McKay

    Human Resourse Manager